Buggle 2 Bubble Shooter 1.3.4 MOD APK For Android

Buggle 2 Bubble Shooter:

Buggle 2 Bubble Shooter 1.3.4 MOD APK For AndroidBuggle 2 Bubble Shooter 1.3.4 MOD APK For Android Uh, oh! Greedy Queen Bee and her soldier bee army have arrived! The peaceful Bubble Island of bubble bear games and friendly bubble bears is now in danger! Join the bubble bear Andrew’s quest for honey!

The gluttonous Queen Bee is hoarding all of the sweet honey, and it is up to Andrew the bear and his animal friends to prevent the tyranny of the Bee Army.

Good news is that Andrew and his bubble bear pals have amazing bubble pop shooter skills, thanks to their favorite bubble games! Their secret weapon against the Queen Bee’s army is the bubble shooter!

Use the color match bubble shooter to help Andrew in his resistance against the greedy Queen Bee and her snoopy bee soldiers! Pop, whirl, and blast the bubbles with plenty of special items and shoot that red bubble!

Look out for the help of Andrew’s bear friends, like the polar bear and panda bear.


Unlimited Health + Boosters + Moves

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Tamagochi Toma match 3 V.1.6 Mod Apk for android

The description of Tamagochi Toma match 3

Tamagochi Toma match 3, New puzzle from the creators of hit-game “Toma”!
Free full version of game, download now!

Two favorite games are united in one! Virtual pet Toma is a funny red cat and he adores three-in-row! Take care of him: feed, look after his health and mood with help of the favorite puzzle, and he loves you back.

The opportunities
Three different games at each level:
– Toma has a very sweet tooth! Collect the sweet ice cream, the most delicious cakes, the soft croissants and the chocolates in a row to feed him. The sweet for breakfast, for lunch and for dinner, what can be better?
– If Toma falls ill or overeats the sweets, you should collect the bright vitamins in a row!
– Log in the game more often- don’t upset the cat, but if his spirits fell, play with him collecting three-in-row of the balls and the legos!
– Sometimes Toma will show his mettle, and you’ll have to take one game several times, won’t get upset and will continue the game! He will rejoice your wins and take to heart your failures.
Watch (Keep watch over)Toma’s growth!
The more levels you pass, the older Toma becomes. The cat becomes more funny and more interesting with each level, he’ll show you what kinds of foolball tricks he knows and not only. Develop with him, improve your skills in the game and switch to a new level playing in three-in-row of the chess pieces and puzzles.
Play with the cat and buy the new things for him!
Buy new things for Toma and change a home furnishing, brag your new things to friends and earn the coins.
Touch the screen, and a small Toma loves you back, just don’t hurt him!
Compete with your friends in social networks!
Gain more points than others and become the first among your friends. Make screenshots of your wins in the game, share them in the social networks and watch over who can gain more points.

Daily bonuses and gifts:

Every new day you get the bonuses , which help you to pass tree-in-row and grow Toma quickly. Moreover if you share your achievements with your friends in the social networks, you will be able to double and triple your fund.
Play for free
You can play absolutely for free, grow your pet, pass the levels, get bonuses and gifts, delete/ remove the rows and get more points. Make sure of it, have installed app.
Use the help
Collect the figures in row, but if you can’t, use the help of your assistants, who help you in difficult situations and collect the toys in row for you.



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